My 2 year old Lab/Pit bull mix was like an unruly, embarrassing, defiant teenager who rarely came when called, and never walked without dragging me by the leash down the street.
A good friend suggested that I try Mr. Houghton's school and assured me
that Rob's gentle training methods would reap rewards. In less than 3 weeks
my dog underwent a total transformation from bad actor to well behaved
house pet!
When some bad behaviour resurfaced
several months later, we visited Rob,
and in a 15 minute visit (at no charge to me) both my dog and I were once
again communicating properly. Life is now definitely more happy around our
house with a dog that listens, and is eager to please.
Stacey Thompson

Ti at 6 months

We were ready to get rid of our dog because he was always getting in trouble. Training gave us the dog we always wanted.

                    Mrs. Fagle

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
Little Miss Annie will forever be a changed lady for the better.  She is practicing her new skills everyday. We are very grateful for your enthusiasm in helping us to make our relationship with Annie a better one.  You are the best!
              Barbara and Ed Carrington, 11/05

Rob with Miss Annie

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